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Jalkapalloa, tennistä ja nyrkkeilyä

Carole Lombard Life-lehdessä 1938. Kuvalähde:
Marcel Thil ranskalainen nyrkkeilijä, kuvalähde:

Urheilu oli 1930-luvun muoti-ilmiöistä kenties kaikkein näkyvin. Jules Bertaut muistelee sodanjälkeistä Pariisia:
“With the increasing palate for violent drinks went an increasing taste for violent sports. An enormous stadium was opened at Colombes to accommodate the growing crowds that flocked every Sunday to the football matches. The women were just as noisy and enthusiastic as the men; just as unsporting also, when the home team failed to win. Tennis was practiced day and night on grass courts and hard courts with intensive fury, and winter sports monopolized the months of December and January. But the mania of the town was boxing, and the fashionable of both sexes flocked to the ring to blink with brutal sadistic joy at the frenzied struggles beneath those blinding lights.”
– Jules Bertaut, p. 283.

Jules Bertaut: Paris 1870 - 1935. (L'Opinion et les Moeurs sous la troisième République, 1931). Trans. R. Millar. Ed. John Bell. Eyre and Spottiswoode 1936.

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